Fast Food Money Tracker

Discover where you spend the most when you eat out. Comes loaded with the most popular fast food chains in the US. Add local fast food chains to your list or remove any that aren't near you.

Plan It Meals

Plan It Meals is for the family that is always asking "What are we eating tonight?"
For most families, planning a single meal for breakfast and lunch can be difficult, while the evening meal is where the whole family will share a meal together. Plan It Meals offers an easy way to plan your family meals, rather than choosing your meals day by day or writing a list from memory and posting it on the fridge.
With Plan It Meals you can plan 4 weeks in advance, helping you to better plan your grocery shopping. You can set your meal plan to start any day you want. The first two weeks of your meal plan can be emailed to you and your family. You can also print the first two weeks to your AirPrint-compatible printer.
Plan It Meals offers many meal suggestions in several categories, such as Meat, Poultry/Fish, and Vegetable. You can add your own meals to these categories, or remove any meal suggestions that don't appeal to you or your family.